Scent Description
1.All Over - Type of Victoria Secret. Vibrant and Romantic scent.
2.Amber Romance - Victoria Secret duplication.Amber fragrance that is soft and subtle.
.Amish Harvest - Best seller. A touch of pumkin and cinnamon and other spices.
4.Apple Jack & Peel - Best seller - combination of apple and cinnamon.
5.Apple Orchard - Fresh Apple with a hint of spice.
6.Baby Powder - A true baby powder scent. Nice and clean.
7.Banana Nut Bread - Just from the oven. You can smell the banana and nut.
8.Birthday Cake - Just like a birthday cake.You can even smell the incing.Great as a birthday gift or party.
9Black Cherry - A very strong fragrance.Just like black cherries.
10Blueberry Muffin - Best Seller. Smells like you just took a pan of blueberry muffins out of the oven.
11.Butter Cookie - Old fashion cookie with a deep butter fragrance.
12.Cherry Almond - Cherry with a touch of almond.
13.China Rain - Soft and subtle like a gentle rain.
14.Cinnamon - Best Seller.A very strong cinnamon.A duplication of Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home.
15.Cinnamon Bun - fresh baked cinnamon buns.
16.Clean Cotton - Yankee duplication.Sheets fresh from the line.
17.Coconut Lime Verbena - A duplication of Bath and Body Works.A deep lime fragrance.
18.Country Clothesline - A fresh linen fragrance.Similar to fabric softner.Great for removing odors caused by pets or cooking.
20.Creme Brulee- Best Seller.Sweet,creamy and buttery fragrace.Our customers favorite.
21.Cucumber Melon - Very clean and fresh. A duplication of Bath and Body.
22.Dream Angel-Heavenly - A duplication of Vic. Secret. Nice powdery scent.
23.Eucalyptus Spearmint - A combination that is wonderful for headaches, allergies and other sinus problems.Opens up your sinus'so you can breathe easier.
24.Fruit Slices - Best Seller. A combination of fruits If you love fruit fragrances you will love this one. Nice and strong.
25.Gardenia - A true gardenia fragrance that will remind you of a gardenia bush.
27.Honeydew Melon - Sweet and fresh melon.
28.Hot Apple Pie - Best Seller. Apples,cinnamon and spice in a tender flaky crust. Just like Grandma's.
29.Jamine - reminescent of Jasmine in bloom.
31.Key Lime Pie - Just like you would make.You can even pick up the undertone of pie crust.
32.Kudzu -Yes Kudzu does have blooms and they have a subtle grape fragrane.Ours isn't subtle.Strong fragrance with a hint of grape.
33.Lavender - Best seller. Wonderful lavender scent that is calming and relaxing.Great for aromatherapy.
34.Lavender Eucalyptus - A great combination. Benefits of lavender along with the eucalyptus.
36.Lemongrass & Sage - Best seller. One of my favorites.It is soothing and clean at the same time.
37.Love Spell- Best seller.A Vic. Secret duplication.Our customers are amazed at how much this is like the original. A definite favorite.
38.Lilac - Just like a lilac bush in bloom.
39.Mango Papaya Splash - Tropical fruit mix makes you think you are in the tropics.
40.BR>41.Mulberry - A traditional favorite. Very strong fruity fragrance.
42.Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Fresh from the oven. BR>Patchouli- A very earthy scent.Availabe only in oils and tarts. .BR>43.Pomegranate - Sweet just like the fruit.
44.Prayer - Soothing with a touch of lemon.
45.Sage and Citrus - Earthy fragrance of sage with a touch of fruit.
46.Sandalwood - A true sandalwood fragrance.Has earthy undertones.
47.Strawberry Patch - Fresh juicy strawberries.
48.Sweet Cotton - A sweet,clean linen fragrance.
49.Sweet Pea -Best Seller. A Bath and Body duplication.
50. French Vanilla - A pure vanilla fragrance.Nice and strong.
51.Very Sexy - A Victoria Secret duplilcation.Very nice fragrance.
52.Warm Vanilla Sugar - Bath and Body works duplication.

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