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Follow these simple candle maintenance rules for cleaner burning candles and safety.

1. The first time you light a pillar candle, burn it one hour for every inch of diameter. This will allow the melted wax to burn to the outside rim and prevent your candle from forming a “canyon” in it’s center. Also, this will set the memory of the candle. Each time you re-light the candle it will “remember” to burn out to the rim.
2. Keep your wicks trimmed! This is essential for a clean, smoke free burn. If you always trim your wicks before lighting it will eliminate most of the smoking. This is true for every type of candle.
3. If your candle is smoking, even though you have trimmed the wick, extinguish the candle and check for debris in the melt pool. Trim the wick a little more and let the candle cool. Re-light the candle and the smoking should stop. Although, remember scented candles will smoke more than unscented candles.
4. If you have “mushrooming” occuring on the wick this is normal for a highly scented candle. Simply trim the wick.
5. Candles need room to breathe. If you burn a large candle in a small room, it may tend to smoke. Consider the size of the room when purchasing candles.
6. Never “blow out” a candle. Blowing will spray the wax everywhere and cause the candle to drip. Use a candle snuffer, or place your forefinger in front of the flame before you blow. This clever trick allows the air to hit the flame from the sides instead of the hitting it directly. Also you may dip the wick in the melt pool using a toothpick. This makes the wick already primed and easier to light the next time.
7. A great way to clean your pillar candles is to use an old nylon. It will remove dust and give a shine to the candle.
8. Only burn candles on heat-resistant surface. Using candle holders where needed.

 Never leave candle unattended!
 Keep out of reach of children and pets.
 To prevent smoking, trim wick to ¼" prior to use and keep trimmed.
 If candle smokes, extinguish, trim and re-light
 To prevent fading keep out of direct sunlight.
 Keep debris out of melt pool.
 Keep the candle out of drafts
 If the candle burns uneven due to a draft, carefully push the wick to the higher side. If this causes dripping, extinguish, cool and re-light. Repeat a few times and the candle will repair itself.

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